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Google Real Time Search Is… Real Time

Immediately after I posted about the Meebo Bar I decided to check out Google’s Real Time Search to gauge other people’s opinion of this new product from Meebo. And I saw this… This should relay the power of real time search and the importance of maintaining content outposts… Meanwhile, Google Reader has yet to show […]

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Diigo Learning Networks Is Very FriendFeed

Diigo Learning Networks is a new feature in the latest release that is very much like FriendFeed. It’s basically a real-time stream of content that your network is tagging in Diigo. Beyond that you have similar features such as like, preview, and comment.

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Social Media Press Releases – In Real Time

Social Media Press Releases in Real Time

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Real Time Sharing Hits Google Reader

A couple weeks ago I shared how Google Reader changed how I consume information again. Now that consumption is happening in real-time thanks to PubSubHubbub. Louis Gray says “PubSubHubbub Hits the Gas On My Google Reader Link Blog“. That’s good for all of us who use Google Reader as an information filter – which Louis […]

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Real Time Blogging With FriendFeed

Real Time Live Blogging using FriendFeed

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