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WordPress ReTweet Plugins

Over at the Web Strategy Blog we covered two WordPress ReTweet plugins today. This is a great way to drive Twitter traffic to your WordPress blog. We cover TweetMeme’s ReTweet Plugin and BackType TweetCounter plugin. In case you are wondering – we are using TweetMeme’s button here and BackType’s button over at Web Strategy Workshop. […]

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MySpace MyAds Says No

I recently decided to try MySpace myAds platform for a targeted advertising campaign. I also wanted to compare click through and conversion rates with Facebook. And with a $75 MySpace MyAds coupon from ShoeMoney it was a no brainer. Who doesn’t like free advertising? Well after waiting approximately 6 days for my ad to go […]

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5 Awesome Features of New S3Fox Plugin

I was pleased to open Firefox today to see an update S3Fox – a firefox plugin to manage Amazon S3. We use S3Fox extensively to manage Amazon S3 on our PC’s. There are some great new features I am very excited about. First off they have updated the interface to resemble the familiar paned layout […]

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WordPress Mobile Plugins

There are a couple options for providing mobile views of your WordPress blog. I would highly recommend that you implement one of these two for mobile browsers of your website. This is a growing segment of readership that you do not want to leave behind – especially when it is super easy to adapt your […]

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WordPress Glossary Plugin

What I thought would be a quick and easy search for a WordPress Glossary Plugin turned out to be hours of research and work. If you want to implement a WordPress Glossary, let me save you hours of searching… Step 1: Download WP-SNAP*note*: I tried IMM-Glossary and couldn’t get it to work at all Step […]

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