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Clicker – Find TV On The Web

If you read this blog you know I’m a fan of a la carte TV. As it should – the web has facilitated this desire through piracy and the realization from the powers that be that the market is pushing this direction. Regardless – distribution of tv and media via the web is the future. […]

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Another Reason For The Newspaper Demise

We all know that the newspaper industry doesn’t get the web. They don’t get the economics of the link economy – and likely never will. Further more they are completely ignoring the power of the long tail – and specifically the long tail of content. Raise your hand if your local paper purges their archives […]

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Citizen Journalism, Explained

If you have been reading here you know I’m a huge fan of citizen journalism – or “hyperlocal”. I’ve built citizen journalism sites, done presentations on it, written blog posts on it, and we even had the Future of Journalism week here on GANB. This is a great visual walkthrough of what citizen journalism is […]

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Diane Rehm Show – Future of Journalism and Newspaper Industry

In fitting timing for our series on the Future of the Media/Journalism – yesterday Diane Rehm had a panel on her public radio show discussing “The Newspaper Industry and The Future of Journalism“. This week’s bankruptcy filing by the Tribune Company is the latest sign of trouble for the news business. A panel joins guest […]

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Jon Stewart on The Newspaper Crisis

Jon Stewart’s take on the newspaper crisis from The Daily Show.

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