The Future of the Web – A Paid System

Barry Diller says the future of the web – within 5 years – is a paid system. He says the only thing missing right now is a streamlined billing system – like Amazon’s “one-click” buy now option (which is actually patented by Amazon).

Barry Says

“I absolutely believe the Internet is passing from its free days into a paid system. Inevitably, I promise you, it will be paid,” Diller said in a keynote discussion opening up the Advertising 2.0 conference held at his company’s futuristic glass building alongside the Hudson River in Manhattan. “Not every single thing, but anything of value. “

The fact that content and services on the Internet so far have been largely supplied for no charge is “an accident of historical moment that will be corrected,” he said, in an era of “creative chaos” that will span the next three to five years.

What do you think? Is the future of the web a walled garden? Will history repeat itself? Will AOL rise from the ashes and say “We told ya so?”. Let us know in the comments or on FriendFeed!

I wonder what Chris Anderson thinks about this.

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