Five Reasons I would work for Yahoo!

I am starting to feel sorry for Yahoo! They just seem to be losing all of their talented workers… and bloggers just love jumping all over them. I’ve never had a problem with Yahoo! nor have I ever thought about working for them. But as they are falling apart at the seams I’ll let them know they can have me (only if I can work from home :) Why would I want to work for them now… in the midst of their demise?

1. They are still cool, and it seems like a fun place to work
2. Provide awesome developer tools and APIs
3. Have products I use daily (delicious, Flickr, Y!Pipes, Site Explorer and Y!Finance)
4. I have great respect for Jerry Yang
5. I could learn a lot – there are still a lot of brilliant people there

So if anyone from Yahoo! is reading this and wants to hire a web developer/strategist/marketer/guru let me know. My only stipulation is that I get to stay in Iowa :)

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