My 2 Cents on the Blogger Code of Conduct

Anything Goes Baby

I don’t want to go into the details because chances are you’ve read it already.

Tim O’Reilly has created a draft of what he calls a Blogger Code of Conduct, for which he’s purchased the domain

To be short and to the point I think this idea is ridiculous and playing off the recent Kathy Sierra drama storm. Honestly, there are inherent responsibilities of being a blogger. You are responsible for your content, the comments you don’t moderate, and what you say in public. If you choose to ignore the unspoken rules that’s your own prerogative. I can unsubscribe to your feed or not visit your website if I am offended or disagree with you.

You don’t need ridiculous badges to prove you are abiding by the rules. Let your readers decide.

And seriously – badges? I love the first comment to the post from Tim O’Reilly:

“You created badges.

You actually created badges.

I just can’t believe you created badges.”

– Shelley

He sure did create badges and further proved O’Reilly Publishing has no designers on staff. Seriously they are 1998 GIFs. You may as well have animated them.

Oh, and no surprise the NY Times jumped all over it – front page style.

UPDATE: I forgot to point you towards Jeff Jarvis’s commentary.

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