Ehh Hemm, Bubble Anyone?

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The blog rumor mill is on the verge of explosion as many a-listers “in the know” are speculating the sale of StumbleUpon to eBay, for wait for it.. wait for it.. $40 – $45 million dollars. Excuse me? What was that? Yes, that’s right I said $40 million dollars.

A tad bit ridiculous? I think so.

According to Om Malik, here is why eBay would benefit from such a purpose:

By marrying the toolbar to Skype client, eBay can do an end run around Google’s dominance of the search business. A simple search box inside Skype client is all it would take. It is not that far fetched: Skype has been slowly integrating various different services (including PayPal) into its client, and slowly becoming eBay’s desktop backdoor.

In case you are unfamiliar with StumbleUpon’s products, check out this episode from the Scoble Show.

Ever have half an hour to just waste and wondered what cool stuff is there on the Internet? Well, StumbleUpon is the answer. They have 1.5 million people who are adding sites and rating them. It makes for a fun experience and you’ll find more fun new Web sites with StumbleUpon than any other tool or service we’ve seen. Here we get a demo from co-founder and Chief Architect Garrett Camp.

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