PrezVid – Tracking the YouTube 2008 Campaign

Yesterday I told you about techPresident, who is tracking the new media presence of the 2008 presidential candidates as well as the effect these campaigns will have on the outcome.

Today I found PrezVid which is along the same lines. It was started by Jeff Jarvis to track how the candidates use YouTube, and in general internet video distribution, to open up a new channel of communication to potential voters.

In his belated introductory post, he explains:

“First, almost every one of the presidential candidates is using YouTube and internet video to open up a new channel to voters. As I said in my Guardian column, this is an eye-to-eye medium that lets the candidates speak directly to individuals on a small screen instead of from a big platform. It lets them control the message and set the agenda and tone. It enables them to bypass the soundbiting of network news (yes, the messages are still short, but you can say a helluva lot more in two minutes than in 10 seconds and you can control what is said).”

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  1. gary March 5, 2007 at 5:59 pm #

    Here’s another take on election coverage via YouTube, this one based on the issues…


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