Can Dell get back in touch?

It’s been awhile since Dell was the PC of the people. Granted they still are quite popular hardware, but the reason is no longer because they are Dell — the reason is because they are cheap (cheap — not inexpensive).

I personally have owned several Dells – laptops, servers, workstations, etc – and have not had too many problems with them. But Dell’s problems with customer service have been well documented as they have grown out of touch from its customers.

In an effort to revitalize themselves they have started a blog. But you would be lucky to find them letting their customers know. None of their weekly mailings (as if they didnt go straight to the garbagee) to customers have mentioned it. Their website doesn’t mention it. It’s almost as if they have implemented it so, after the fact, they can say — ‘see we have a blog, we are apart of this’. Generally blogs attempt to gain readership rather than hiding.

Maybe they are just afraid of the potential conversations … or confrontations. There is currently a post discussing how they are trying to make remake their website into the pioneering e-commerce site it once was by making it easy for their customers to use. But, they ask for no suggestions from their customers and users. Simply stating something publicly does not win us back. Ask Microsoft.

Want to win us back? Be proactive. Ask us what we want. We will be happy to tell you.

one2one, Dell’s Weblog

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2 Responses to Can Dell get back in touch?

  1. David R July 11, 2006 at 4:06 am #

    If you go to and click on About Dell the first thing I see is a link to the new blog

  2. Andy Brudtkuhl July 11, 2006 at 8:44 am #

    I ask this — How many people do you think click on the about Dell link?

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